Multivariate Stats in Villefranche - Multiple Descriptors Correlate with a Great Time

Villefranche is that quiet, beautiful Mediterranean town that you know you have to visit someday, and the Ocean Observatory of Villefranche-sur-Mer (OOV) is nestled right in the heart of it. Similarly, the multivariate statistics course we've taken over the past few weeks (AME2) is the course that every marine ecology or oceanography graduate student knows will be indispensable to their career. The teaching of the course was truly superb – they even managed to teach me these techniques, believe it or not – and the application of theoretical techniques on representative ecological datasets using R statistical packages provided me with tools I simply was not aware of before. The OOV masters students are driven, studious and friendly, and made the class not only competitive and stimulating, but also memorable and fun. It's easy to become so consumed by the material that evenings and weekends are spent experimenting with your newfound statistical prowess, but don't forget to go for a hike, check out Nice, or maybe even take a day trip to the nearby French Alps or Monaco. A truly memorable experience, indispensable information and an incredible opportunity. Thanks OOV!

Here are a few pictures of Villefranche and Nice which I took during my stay.

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