New location, new analysis techniques

My time at OOV was memorable and worthwhile, not only because of the beautiful location and a welcome change of scenery compared to Miami, but also because of the excellent training we received in the Multivariate Statistics course. I was impressed with the quality of the teaching and was happy with the choice of topics that were taught. Some methods I had heard of, but never tried, and other methods were completely new. I am excited to begin to apply these new methods to my PhD research. Taking the course in a 3-week time span was challenging, but I think it worked well to be 100% focused on one topic for a short period of time, rather taking a whole semester to learn the material. I was also happy to spend some time learning how to use R, a programming language that was completely new to me.

The facilities at OOV are very nice, and it is a real treat to spend time on such a beautiful coastline. Day trips to Nice and Monaco are very do-able and not expensive. Having the weekends off was wonderful, not only to have time to study but also to have some time to explore. For future students, I highly recommend exploring the hills above Villefranche (there is a beautiful castle up on the hillside with gorgeous views), and also enjoying some French food at the restaurants in Villefranche and Nice.

I am very grateful for this opportunity. Thanks, PUF and OOV!

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