Andrew Bakun receives Albert 1er medal in Monaco

Andrew Bakun, a professor at RSMAS who has been coming to Villefranche for two years as part of this PUF program, just received the Albert 1er medal from the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco. This medal is awarded every year to honour a lifetime of work in the field of oceanography. It is the most prestigious award from the Oceanographic Institute.

I was delighted to attend the award ceremony and to chat with Pr Bakun again. I was also very pleasantly surprised to see that most of the examples and concepts that Pr Bakun presented in his acceptance speech were the same he presented to the students in Villefranche a few weeks earlier. Maybe not all of them realised how lucky they were to get such a lecture as part of their Masters, but it made it even more concrete how great it is to be able to host Pr Bakun thanks to the support of this PUF project.

Here is the press release of the University of Miami, the video presentation of Pr Bakun shown during the ceremony and a few pictures.

BakunMonacoAward1 BakunMonacoAward1