An internship at RSMAS

I went to RSMAS for four months in order to do my second year of Masters’ internship. I worked within the CIMAS team, under the supervision of Dr David Die to carry out a biodiversity study of a Marine Protected Area (Pulley Ridge HAPC) in the Gulf of Mexico, to see the spatial and temporal evolution of the sharks' community at the scale of the West Florida Shelf. This study is interesting because this preliminary work will help for the determination of the best extension area for the Pulley Ridge HAPC and for the creation of a bio-economic model in the future, for fishery management. On a personal point, I gained a lot of autonomy with different software like ArcMap, Access and PRIMER. I also improved my English (and a few words of Spanish!) and now I know that I can survive in a tropical country ;)

It was very pleasant to work at RSMAS which offers a lot of services and opportunities to learn more about all the different aspect of the Oceanography. And every workday, it was a pleasure to bike from my home to Virginia Key (the location of RSMAS) which offers a perfect view of Miami downtown (see the picture: Miami by night!).

I would like to thank Jean-Olivier Irisson for this PUF partnership and his help in statistics, David Die for allowing me to do my internship under his supervision and the PhD students for helping me with the different software! And thanks to everyone else for their help and friendship.

Chloe Miami By Night