First impressions

From the beginning, the temperature and humidity put me in this tropical atmosphere where Spanish is the second national language.

The first day at RSMAS was dedicated to the administrative paperwork, with the help of Julie Houston and Meagan Zubkoff. But also the creation of my internet connection (taking more than 3 hours when you are unlucky like me) with the help of all the staff of IT service. During the rest of the week, few administrative appointments were needed for the J-1 Visa status at the different campuses of the University of Miami (RSMAS campus but also Main Campus). This first week is eventful, forces us to quickly become familiar with life in Miami (transit, the pace of life, …) and helps us to discover the infinite streets of Miami with all its different facets.

After all these adventures I had the pleasure to discover the RSMAS campus with all its advantages : numerous labs, a great restaurant where we can see the olympic games :), a library with free coffee, tea and hot chocolate, beaches with a great view, a lot of seminars with excellent teachers…

Miami is a city full of surprises and these 5 months here promise to be rewarding!

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