MedPlanet, a scientific network to study Mediterranean fish larvae

For the last two days, the MedPlanet group met in Leucate/Le Barcarès. The objective of MedPlanet is to regroup all teams working on late-stage fish larvae (post-larvae) in the Western Mediterranean. These two days were an opportunity to finally meet in person many potential collaborators, and to present the work we have been doing as part of this PUF project. The discussion highlighted that interactions between the behaviour fish larvae and the constraints of their physical environment should be one of the main focus point of research in the coming years. Good for us since this is exactly the question we have been focussing on for the last two years! This meeting also opened the possibility for a wider collaboration between RSMAS, OOV, and other teams in Spain and Italy, to disseminate instruments and techniques which were developed through our partnership (swimming tunnels, DISC orientation device, etc.). Exciting times!

Here is a photo of us in front of the Centre de Recherche sur les Ecosystèmes Marins (CREM) in Le Barcarès, which hosted us. The meeting was partly financed by the EU LIFE+ project SUBLIMO, coordinated by Philippe Lenfant.

group photo