Miami experience

Miami is, at first glance, from the plane window at night, a huge shiny square of a city. Later, the "magic city" also appears infinite (when walking), slow (when driving, due to traffic jams), latino (when taking the bus) and hot (when riding a bike).

RSMAS' campus is a great place to work. Labs are well furnished and large. The restaurant offer a view to the sea, good food (even for vegetarian people, and even with a smile) and a bar after 5 p.m. (3 days/week). The beach volleyball field, the pontoon, the beach itself and even the library are nice places to take a break.

RSMOIDS are smiling, friendly and relaxed. Especially my lab team, which debates about a paper a week, sometime with some crepes, and that is a really interesting way to work.

Finally, I was struck by two points. The first one is the number of seminars (at least 3 a week) where you can find students, professors and researchers together. The second one is… the excessive use of the air conditioning (almost 10°C of difference between outside and inside) that forces me to wear everyday the only sweatshirt I brought to Miami!

Here is a view of the cafeteria building from RSMAS' beach.