VISUFRONT at Ocean Science Meeting

For seven months, since the end of the VISUFRONT cruise using ISIIS in the Mediterranean Sea, we have been working hard sorting a few percents of the millions of images that we collected. And we are progressing: the very first results were published as a poster at the Ocean Science Meeting 2014 in Honolulu, Hawaii!

This trip was made possible thanks to the PUF program that sponsored it and I would like to acknowledge it once more. Not only for letting me go the flagship destination that Hawaii is but also because participating to an Ocean Science Meeting is such a fascinating experience. There are so many people, over 5500, gathered in the same building that it could become overwhelming. But the meeting was so enjoyable that everyone was speaking to each other creating a huge melting-pot of knowledge and being in the middle of that was unique.

So many people also means so many posters, and I was one of the 3000 that were exposed. Yet, my poster attracted quite a few people, PhD students as well as researchers, and I was busy explaining it for (more than) the entire duration of the session, until we got kicked out by the security. I didn't know wether people would find any interest in these preliminary results, but they did, which shows that our data is valuable and it we will be even more once everything get processed! If you want to have a look at my poster, it's there:

In addition to meeting many new people, this week also allowed me to meet with Pr. Claire Paris, my PhD co-supervisor from RSMAS, and her team. We discussed the forecoming field season using the DISC to study the orientation of Mediterranean fish larvae.

I'm finally back to sorting ISIIS frames in my office in Villefranche, but with tons of nice memories from that conference in Hawaii and new perspectives for analyzing our data in the future, thanks for that!

Robin At OSM 1 Robin At OSM 2 Robin At OSM 3