ASLO meeting in Granada

In biological oceanography, the meetings of the American Society for Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) are important yearly milestones. Some results of this PUF project were already presented through a poster at the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2014, co-organised by ASLO. This year, the ASLO meeting in Granada was the opportunity to present results of the first and second year of the project, through two oral presentations in the sessions Biological Connectivity and its Importance Within the Context of Global Change and Plankton Ecology - Zooplankton. The talks were about the interaction between behaviour of fish larvae and physical forcings and about the fine-scale distribution of zooplankton across a mesocale front. Both talks were presented in front of a large audience and generated interesting questions and discussions (photos of the two talks below).

Of course, scientific meetings are also great occasions to meet colleagues and generate new ideas (especially around a glass of wine and delicious tapas in Granada!). Discussions started around the themes of the two talks (connectivity and in situ imaging of the ocean). In particular, we met with Katell Guizien of the Ocean Observatory of Banyuls, UPMC, the chairwoman of a connectivity session, who should be visiting Claire Paris at RSMAS in the near future to talk about bio-physical modelling. Interesting points were made regarding automated recognition of organisms in images by ISIIS or UVP users from all over the world.

So, overall a very interesting and stimulating meeting; let's meet again in New Orleans in 2016!

Aslo Robin 1 Aslo Robin 2 Aslo Jo