Lagrangian modelling with the CMS in Villefranche

In what will probably be the last mobility event of this 3-years PUF program, Claire Paris, the coordinator of the US part of this project, came to France to teach a class on the Lagrangian modelling of marine larvae, in the numerical modelling class of Villefranche-sur-mer. She taught this class last year for the first time (at exactly the same date, on Dec 11th!) and the class was again well received. Knowing the level of experience of the students allowed to better focus the computer lab exercices of the afternoon. During the class, the students were able to learn about the intricacies of the Connectivity Modelling System first hand, from the mouth of its creator! During the lab that we co-taught, students built a simple advection-diffusion model in a idealised current field before analysing the results of real CMS simulations that were run for them before the class. Altogether, this made for a rich and diverse experience. Here is a picture of the group of students in Villefranche together with myself, Jean-Olivier Irisson, or Simon Ramondenc, a PhD student from Villefranche who co-tutored the lab part, (far left) and Claire Paris (far right).

Claire Lagrangian Class 1 Claire Lagrangian Class 1