Disseminating the DISC technology

The Drifting In Situ Chamber (DISC) is the instrument invented by Claire Paris (RSMAS) to study the orientation behaviour of marine larvae. The software dedicated to the analysis of this data was developed by Jean-Olivier Irisson (OOV). So this is really a collaborative endeavour. This technology has been used in Florida, Australia, Israël and even Norway. Now a new instrument has been purchased by colleagues in Corsica. Sylvia Agostini and her student, Amélie Rossi, came to Villefranche to learn the deployment and data analysis techniques. Those were two very full days, starting with the assembly of the instrument, calibration of the electronics, a few deployments at sea and the full data analysis procedure.

Now we cannot wait to see if Mediterranean fish larvae orientate the same way in Corsica and here, because the species are the same, the locations are close but the land-sea position is reversed (land to the North here, land to the South in Corsica). We will know next year!

Sylvia in Villefranche Sylvia in Villefranche Sylvia in Villefranche