My semester/expedition/adventure in Miami

After multiple administrative setbacks, I finally arrived in Miami… with a bronchitis! So now, I know exactly why health insurance is mandatory (160$ for a consult and 60$ for antibiotics).

The PUF program gave me the opportunity to spend the 2d semester of my first year of masters at RSMAS. I chose 3 classes :

The two first are completely new for me and the third is easier thanks to theoretical knowledge acquired at UPMC last semester. The three courses are really interesting, with small groups of student, which allow us to discuss easily with teachers.

I was lucky to get a spot in Dr. Andrew Baker's laboratory. Dr Baker's team is absolutely great! They are all enthusiastic, friendly and patient with my imperfect english! I will work with Ana Palacio on the impact of different type of nutrient on the density of zooxanthellae (symbiodinium, the symbiotic algae of most of coral) because some recent studies have shown that high zooxanthellae densities in the coral host drive an increased sensitivity to coral bleaching. We will start soon… if we manage to find non-sick people to collect coral colonies!

Daily life in Miami is incredible for the weather and tropical fauna! You should be careful when you drive, do not crush a big iguana on the parking!

PS : I had never seen so many different kinds of cheddar! (the photo only shows a small part..)

To be continued !

marine-oceane1 marine-oceane2 marine-oceane3 marine-oceane4 marine-oceane5