Robin Faillettaz is a doctor!

After Jessica in Miami, last week, it was now Robin Faillettaz' turn to defend his PhD thesis, in Villefranche-sur-Mer. His thesis work was an integral part of this PUF project: the VISUFRONT cruise (using ISIIS and UVP) in 2013, the behavioural experiments and the joint efforts for image analysis in 2014, and now his defense, in 2015. His work dealt with the distribution and behaviour of fish larvae, in response to their physical and chemical environment.

His jury was composed of two reviewers: Howard Browman, from the IMR in Norway, and Paolo Guidetti, from the University of Nice; one president: Eric Thiebaut, from UPMC, Marine Station of Roscoff; one examiner: Claire Paris, from RSMAS, University of Miami –the co-supervisor of this project– (Ana Sabatés, from the CSIC in Barcelona, was also supposed to be here but could not attend because of a personal matter); and his two advisors: Philippe Koubbi and myself. After 45 mins (precisely!) of presentation and over two hours of questions and discussion, the jury declared his thesis worthy of the grade of doctor and his overall presentation "exceptional".

Congratulations to Robin, who I was very happy to supervise for the last three years. This project is a success in a great part because of his hard work. Below are a few pictures, before, during and after the defense!

Robin PhD Robin PhD Robin PhD Robin PhD