My adventure in Miami is coming to an end…

The PUF program gave me the occasion to study my semester at the University of Miami, on the RSMAS campus. I got the opportunity to study three different classes:

Classes were a great learning experience. I am definitely taking some knowledge home. The second part of this adventure was the internship. My project "Finding Nemo" came to an end and I got to do the statistics on the data. Different results came out, some larvae oriented and others not. It rose some very interesting questions! The behavioral data collected in DISC experiments could be potentially changing for studies of larval dispersal. DISC data will provide critical inputs to a new generation of biophysical larval dispersal models.

I must admit I had hard times at the beginning of my internship but it's normal. I've learned to do research, to learn about the DISC project, to analyze and well organize data. I've learned to work independently, to ask questions to everyone around me. I've learned so much from my lab mates; Andrew Kough, Matt Foretich and Erica Staaterman. Claire Paris shared her contagious passion about science and reef larvae and I'm definitely going to keep up with her research. I am thankful to the Paris Lab for everything that I've learned during this adventure. And I would like to thank Jean-Olivier Irisson for giving me this opportunity.

For anyone who wants to do this exchange program: you will learn a lot. Whatever your research field, studying in an international lab is a rewarding experience. You will grow personally and professionally. Be courageous and make that step, it's worth it.

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