A semester in Miami

To follow my second semester at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science is a great opportunity and thanks to the PUF program and Dr. Irisson I'm finally able to start this adventure.

I have chosen three classes; "Coral reef biology ecology and conservation" by Dr. Baker, "Management and conservation of marine ecosystems" by Dr. Die and "Physical environment of marine organisms" lead by Dr. Bakun and I can say it is a real chance and honor to have class with Dr. Andrew Bakun. These classes and teachers are very interesting and the fact that there are few students attending these classes allows more focused and interactive discussions.

In the meantime I have started to work on my internship. I am part of Chris Langdon's Lab and my proposed study is using essential physiological measurements to etablish differential bleaching responses of an endemic coral species (Orbicella faveolata). Sampled colonies of this species are collected at Horseshoe reef, following the coral bleaching event caused by sustained high sea surface temperature over the 2014 summer months in the Florida Keys.

I really feel integrated in the team, PhD students are really nice and they are always available to help me through my research.

Daily life in Miami is great, I live in Key Biscayne with another Italian OEM student and everyday we get to the RSMAS by bike; the view on Biscayne Bay is day by day more beautiful. And what a pleasure to lunch at the beach-front cafeteria where we have already seen manatees!

I am glad to be here, in less than a month I have learnt so much and we're only at the beginning!

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