Marine connectivity talks

Hi everyone!

I am Katell Guizien, a CNRS researcher, and I work in one of the three marine stations of UPMC, in Banyuls-sur-Mer. Connectivity is a central part of my research line on the conditions for persistence of benthic invertebrates populations. Having a project to transpose in the Caribbean sea the methodology I developed for populations in the Gulf of Lions, a region of the Mediterranean sea, I grabbed this unique opportunity offered by the PUF project to visit Claire Paris in RSMAS. I went to Miami in July for a very short but intense week!

Claire and I spent many hours every day confronting our approaches and thoughts about marine connectivity, applied to Caribbean fish and Mediterranean benthic invertebrates, respectively! We exchanged about hydrodynamical models resolution, experimental methodology to study larval motility behaviour and discovered how convergent our experiences were. We need to share our views about connectivity. The week was also very positive to establish new connections with atmospherical modellers and planting seeds for a sabbatical stay at RSMAS to develop the Caribbean project! I ended my week there by giving a seminar about Biodiversity conservation and larval dispersal, illustrated on the Gulf of Lions test case.