The end of an awesome adventure

A page is turned, not without stress and effort but such a beautiful page! I have completed my 3 courses with success and learned so much about ecology and biology of coral, management of fisheries and physical oceanography! During my internship, I learned how to sample and take care of coral in aquaria as well as many lab techniques (DNAS extraction, qPCR, PCR, blasting, cell counting) to try to understand a small part to the exiting secret of the coral/Symbiodinium symbiosis. (I focused on the comparison of two technics to estimate the Symbiodinium density)

I would like to thank a lot the PUF program which gave me this opportunity, Mr. Irisson and Mrs. Paris who fought and never gave up with the administrative process, all professors for their help and the Baker’s team for its welcoming attitude. Special thanks go to Dr. Andrew Baker for hosting me in his lab and for his help and kindness, Ana Palacio for all that she taught me, gladly and with passion, and to Grace Snyder for her help with lab work and for the best key lime pie of the world!

Someone said “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

My eyes are filled of experiences

My brain of new knowledge

And my heart of new people.

Here are a few of them: the Baker team! Also: one of my babies sampled, a scientist's cocktail (one step in the DNA extraction process) and a few others pictures that are going to stay in my mind.

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