The 'PUF' people

Because of several parallel projects, many people involved in this PUF program were in Miami for a few days. This was a perfect opportunity to take a group picture, which we happily did by lining up on RSMAS' dock. On the picture are a few students of the statistics class currently taught at RSMAS by OOV professors, RSMAS and UPMC professors involved in classes over the three years of the project, UPMC master students currently doing an internship at RSMAS, RSMAS professors supervising these internships, RSMAS PhD students contributing to the research projects or having participated in classes over the last two years, etc. Many more could not be there and were very much missed but it was already a pleasure to see so many people gathered in the same place for a little while.

After the picture, we all shared a drink at the wetlab, RSMAS' in house bar, to chat and exchange impressions. In particular it was a rare opportunity for the three project coordinators (from left to right on the picture: Jean-Olivier Irisson, Amy Clement, and Claire Paris) to actually talk rather than email each other! Students and professors took a couple hours out of their busy schedule to share ideas, regarding science… or not. A great time!

Puf People 1 Puf People 2 Puf People 3 Puf People 4